Here are a few (we’re always adding more) doodles to pick though to get a feel for our general style of work. Feedback or hate mail is always welcome, feel free to give us a shout anytime. If you’d like to commission a bit of artwork for yourself head on over to the request page or visit our Etsy store for your very own $15 piece of original artwork.



Papa Tony Knows BestMidnight Sons with textDead Tardis Doc Strange flower trio Planet Nerd Beast Logic Mr. Neat-O  Surprise WarthogSt. Valentine's Day Swamp ThingGhost Rider Thissle&Maple  The Good, The Bad, and the Raptor 166704_431798083510677_1712356847_n 205266_452860571404428_1467877108_n 292587_413438835346602_238006962_n 306646_464372890253196_1262920648_n 384738_308758635814623_609848663_n 401662_406993299324489_1878124031_n 534093_399151983441954_374065040_n 541261_406483766042109_517085110_n 543326_414466958577123_1956722533_n 544602_402802283076924_1332350634_n 549384_395044657186020_955021908_n 550807_452332958123856_2103866239_n 577684_426487700708382_1889167183_nHappyZenBabySloth 577992_429221840434968_748541554_n 582099_453968711293614_675426550_n Adventuretime Bat Pout text beerin' Giran Ben Grimm Bill Effin Murray birdcock with text BRING ME STRAWBERRIES! with banner CHERBERKAH! Cherno Alpha, Alone chernodoodle vectored daredevilwm Dwarf Party 1 Dwarf Party 2  hipstergoldfish hulksmash I'm a fucking child immortalironfistwm It's Ant-Man! Krauss madmrbarbels  monazombie Morgan Bear oh-crap-zombies  partypenguin Punk Rock Vamp Raptor-Sharktheartistatwork  Tea of the Dead B&W  Cybermansnake in a boat Turtle resized  robot T-timeTurtkeShark Bard Beholder Bugbear Goblin HobbitZombie Orc Paladin Troll