When a lifelong illustrator, historian and dungeon master marries a crafting mad scientist and signmaker, you get Day of the Doodles.  A converted closet becomes a design studio, and suddenly every bit of bare wall space is used to hang wet screen prints. There is a method to the madness for sure, but it’s more art than science.

Morgan and Erin Carmichael are a husband and wife team that enjoys making silly things, then selling those things to silly people both online and at various comic and fantasy conventions and local markets. They live in western NC with a three-legged dog and make all of their doodles, screen prints, stickers and signs by hand, one at a time, in their small closet workshop.

In late 2013 DotD went green, and no longer uses solvent-based inks or paints. With this change and a few others, DotD can recycle 95% of any workshop waste produced.

Their interests include being loud, being up late, comic books, general profanity, ramen, bad blues riffs sung at the dog, and river crawling.

Erin and Morgan

Other stuff they do:

Facebook, which is more or less SFW

Tumblr, which is absolutely NSFW